Taxibites is a leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of artificial Jaw Sets, Teeth & Tongues for the Taxidermy Industry in South Africa, Africa & Worldwide.

Taxibites uses the best quality, durable materials for these jaw sets – they will not crack, chip, fracture or fade. Once placed into position, these jaw sets will maintain their authentic appearance for a lifetime!

Taxibites’ jaw sets come complete with detailed ivory white teeth, lively pinkish gums, and realistic flesh coloured tongues. Both the jaws and tongues can further be detailed with water or oil based paints.

All Taxibites’ jaw sets include upper and lower jaws and artificial tongues. These jaw sets can be used as is to create astonishing realism in your mounts, for these jaw sets will satisfy your most demanding customers. If we don’t stock it, we’ll make it!